Sunday, August 1, 2010

I’ll go away tomorrow for 3 or 4 days and I wont have aces to the Internet, I’m sure I’ll miss you guys but I’m happy to take a break from all this technology.
I’ll have to measure and investigate a forest road (I’m a road engineer) and than I’ll have to see what are the ways for improving it’s condition. The job it’s not hard and I get to spend some time in the nature, away from all the madness.
I promise that I’ll keep posting as soon as I’ll come back.

I was wearing: Mango top and glasses, DIY shorts, custom made shoes, Zara bag


  1. beautiful touch of pink! love the last photo, lol:)
    following your blog now!

    xoxo Holly

  2. Beautifull top!!!

  3. I didn't know your blog!! Following you since now ;)

    Love your t-shirt! It suits you really well with those shorts!

    Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment


  4. gorgeous top you have ! i really love the way you tucked it in the front of the shorts only !!

  5. Those legs and shoes are PORN! Sexy!



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