Saturday, July 31, 2010

is it autumn?

back to my masculine, more edgy outfits, that I think that suit me better
I was wearing: Zara shirt, Bershka jeans, made in Romania vest,
Musette bag, NewYorker hat

Thursday, July 29, 2010

sweet pink

items I was wearing: TopShop bustier, Zara skirt and shoes,
random bag, DIY belt,NewYorker glasses

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

do you have an XS?

I was very happy to find this blazer at sales at Zara because is a XS, I think it's the only XS item I found at sales at Zara. I love the way it fits me and I think is so versatile, I can wear it with anything.

items I was wearing:
Zara blazer and shirt
DIY shorts
thrifted belt
Mallanee shoes
random bag
NewYorker sunglasses

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The weather is still bad here in my town but I'm happy because I can wear long sleeves and otk socks. I missed wearing otk socks, and they are my favorite item.

I was wearing:
Zara shirt
DIY shorts
NewYorker hat
Musette bag
thrifted belt

Monday, July 26, 2010

Not much to say

This is yesterdays outfit...

I was wearing:

Callipope pants
Jolidon top
Zara blazer
Zara shoes
Italian bag
MeliMelo belt
NewYorker glasses

Sunday, July 25, 2010

happy to wear pants

Oh, I’ve missed wearing pants so much! yesterday was finally a little colder outside and I decided to take my Zara pants out of the closet. Hope the temperature will remain the same for a couple of days because I had enough of the hot weather.

I was wearing:
Zara pants
custom made top
NewYorker glasses
Il passo shoes
IsLo clutch
random belt

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cocktail dress

I think I would love to wear this dress to a cocktail party, or to some social fancy event…but since I don’t do that stuff I wore it to the club. It was a fun night but a little to hot for me. This dress is again custom made, like almost all of my clothes…oh, and the shoes and clutch too. Not much to say, just hope you all have a nice weekend.

Friday, July 23, 2010


I think tomorrow I’ll go to a vintage market to look for a pair of high waisted Levi’s. I’m searching that for a long time but I didn’t find anything to fit me well. The only problem is that I have a low budget and maybe I’ll have to wait till next week to do that. Well, I’ll see that tomorrow. Hope you guys like my girlie look! Thank you again for comments and support.

I was wearing:
custom made shoes and belt
Bershka head piece
Accessorize necklace
NewYorker dress
random bag

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm madly in love with this new type of shorts (do they have a name?)! The only problem is that I'm not brave enough to wear them on the street, so I'm waiting for my vacation, somewhere at the seaside where I'll where them without a problem. Until then I took some pictures just for fun.

All the items I'm wearing are custom made, except the clutch. The shorts have a cute bow in front (You can see that better in the second picture) and I was inspired when I created them by a dress that Blair Waldorf wore in one of the Gossip Girl's episodes.

I was wearing:
custom made blouse, shorts and shoes
Islo clutch

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I had so much fun wearing this hippie outfit!

I was wearing:
DIY shorts
bershka top
Zara vest
thrifted belt
random shoes
Zara bag
MeliMelo hear accessory

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

new camera

I just stole my brother’s camera and I’m about to keep it for a while. i really love the clarity of the pictures.

I wanted to meet up with two friends dressed like this but the meeting canceled so I didn't wear my outfit anywhere. np maybe I'll wear it tomorrow.

I was wearing:
NewYorker hat and sunglasses
Zara shirt (bought last summer)
DIY jeans
Jazz shoes
thrifted belt

Monday, July 19, 2010

rochita mea flu-flu

Acesta este primul post 100% in romana. Am zis sa incerc, sa vad ce iese...

Mi-am luat rochita asta anul trecut si ii dintr-un material foarte placut (seamana cu voalul de matase). Ii foarte transparenta asa ca pe dedesubt port o alta rochita simpla pe care am luat-o de la Zara, asa ca nu risc sa mi-se vada fundul daca imi ridica vantul rochita. Am vrut sa o port la o zi de nastere dar pana la urma m-am razgandit, dar am vrut sa-i fac totusi o poza si sa o pun pe blog.

Piesele care-mi compun outfitul, in afara de rochita flu-flu si cea purtata pe dedesubt:
saboti Guess
clutch facut la comanda
siraguri de perle (artificiale, normal)
colier albastru MeliMelo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

all black

I know that during the summer an all black outfit is not really suitable but I feel really good in this dress. I love it coz I can wear it without a bra, I hate wearing bra when it’s really cold outside.

I was wearing:
NewYorker dress
Red Lips shoes
gold necklaces
Mango sunglasses
random bag

Friday, July 16, 2010

It’s too hot to think of anything to write….

I was wearing:
Denny Rose blouse
Mango bag and sunglasses
Bershka hat
IL paso shoes

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last summer I went to Syria to meet my fiance's family and his mom gave me this dress to wear it in doors. I really loved it so I brought it home with me, I cut it short and made a lovely dress out of it. So I can say this dress was a present from my mother in law. And so was the necklace and the bracelet, witch are real gold. In there culture they use to give to the future wife gold jewels.

Thats all about my outfit, but something happened yesterday that made me think. One of our local singers committed suicide. It makes me wonder how could people get so sad and give up the reason to live, but what scares me more is that people around her didn't see that. She said in a goodbye leather that she didn't feel like she was loved any more. I think that's so sad... I think we should pay more attention to the people around us and listen to them more careful because we never know when we could save someone by just giving our love and support. There is so much love that someone could give, but we are so afraid to do it because once a hard brakes it needs years to heel. I think in our days we are afraid to love and to trust people.

I was wearing:
Mango sunglasses
random belt
Jazz shoes
Musette bag


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