Wednesday, July 28, 2010

do you have an XS?

I was very happy to find this blazer at sales at Zara because is a XS, I think it's the only XS item I found at sales at Zara. I love the way it fits me and I think is so versatile, I can wear it with anything.

items I was wearing:
Zara blazer and shirt
DIY shorts
thrifted belt
Mallanee shoes
random bag
NewYorker sunglasses


  1. I just love this outfit. I found out about you on chictopia, and was very happy to find you had your own blog. U have a natural gift for looking fashionable. Also, as a petite person myself, i know how hard it is to find anything in an XS, especially on a sale rack, so good for you! :)

  2. stylish! this is such and elegant outfit, love it!

  3. Very chic and stylish! Great shoes!



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