Monday, July 5, 2010

I love you sun!

I just love the feel of morning sun touching my body! I love summer more than anything and here are some of the reasons why:
1. SUMMER VACATION - is there something better than the summer vacation?
2. it's so easy to get dressed. if you are out of inspiration you put on a gorgeous dress and you are ready to go.
3. I can show my body. Don't get me wrong, I'm not narcissistic, I don't think I'm perfect but I'm young and that's nothing more beautiful then youth.
4. I can lay in the sun and do nothing at all without seeming lazy: I'm getting tanned.
5. the day is longer and it feels like I do more things during 24 hours. (I know is just mental but it works for me)
6. I own a convertible car and I love to drive it in the evening when it chills up a little.
of course there are some bad things about summer too, but I'll remind them another time.

I was wearing:
a pair of short jeans that I cut myself
Zara blouse
Mango purse
random shoes and socks
thrifted belt
a necklace that was a gift from my best friend


  1. Hi, long time no see :)) Cum ti-am zis si pe chictopia, great outfit si ador blugii tai scurti.

  2. cute blog, i will follow it!!



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