Thursday, July 15, 2010

Last summer I went to Syria to meet my fiance's family and his mom gave me this dress to wear it in doors. I really loved it so I brought it home with me, I cut it short and made a lovely dress out of it. So I can say this dress was a present from my mother in law. And so was the necklace and the bracelet, witch are real gold. In there culture they use to give to the future wife gold jewels.

Thats all about my outfit, but something happened yesterday that made me think. One of our local singers committed suicide. It makes me wonder how could people get so sad and give up the reason to live, but what scares me more is that people around her didn't see that. She said in a goodbye leather that she didn't feel like she was loved any more. I think that's so sad... I think we should pay more attention to the people around us and listen to them more careful because we never know when we could save someone by just giving our love and support. There is so much love that someone could give, but we are so afraid to do it because once a hard brakes it needs years to heel. I think in our days we are afraid to love and to trust people.

I was wearing:
Mango sunglasses
random belt
Jazz shoes
Musette bag


  1. gorgeous dress, darling. I really love the print!

  2. You are lovely,my dear...te urmaresc de ceva vreme.blogul tau este pus la favorites.dar te posturi incearca sa folosesti engleza asa cum trebuie,e pacat sa nu,cand blogul este minunat.great job,darling

  3. Imi pare tare rau pixie, dar nivelul la care cunost engleza nu e foarte ridicat. Imi primu post am si explicat ca imi este foarte greu sa ma exprim in engleza si ca probabil voi folosi si romana din cand in cand. Scriu in engleza pt. ca majoritatea care imi urmaresc blogul nu cunosc romana. Incerc sa ma perfectionez, dar din pacate asta imi ia timp. Iti multumesc pt. mesaj si sa sti ca mu ma deranjaza daca ma corectezi. Stiu sa invat din greseli.

  4. Intradevar, chestia cu Madalina Manole m-a pus si pe mine pe ganduri...
    Imi place tare mult rochia ta si nu mi-as fi imaginat ca logodnicul tau ii arab, cred ca-ti dai seama de ce...

  5. lol. Nu ii genu ala de arab care sa-si acopere sotia din cap pana-n piciore. De fapt are cetatienie romana si ii de foarte mult timp in Romania

  6. Daca vrei, te pot ajuta putin cu engleza. Iti pot face corectura la articole. Gratis, of course :) Astept un email daca esti interesata.



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