Saturday, July 10, 2010

vintage dress

This is the vintage dress I've been talking about. Is one of my favorite vintage items and I was so happy to rediscover it. The color of the dress is yellow with white polka dots but it is so washed-out that you can barley see the polka dots. This outfit characterizes my style for 3 0r 4 years ago. I used to love this kind of dresses, cute and settle. Of course my style changed but I still love to wear this dresses to certain occasions.
The bag is a random one and I applied the 3 flowers by cutting a small whole into the bag and clipping the roses. this way I can still use the flower with other outfits because I didn't glue them onto my bag.

beside of the items described before I was wearing:
custom made shoes
Mango sunglasses
thrifted belt


  1. i like ur bag and the sunnies !!
    have a great lazy sunday loves :)
    hugs and kisses from ..

  2. This dress is so sweet! Love the pastel yellow on you!

    Please check out my latest post on my blog on Levi's Girl Contest!



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