Friday, July 2, 2010

where are we going?

My fiance surprised me and took me to a gorgeous restaurant out of town. I didn't know what to expect so I dressed quite casual. Well, the restaurant was a 5 stars one so I think I was a bit to casual. Lucky for me it was in the afternoon so I wasn't that out of place. They had a gorgeous swimming-pool and now I'm sad I didn't take the camera with me. Here people stare at you and make bad comments if they see you taking pictures so I usually leave my camera at home and I only take pictures in my back yard. I know I shouldn't care about that but I don't want my fiance to feel embarrassed because he's the one who's taking my pictures.
Weekend is almost here so I hope everyone will have a great one!

I was wearing:
Zara shirt (bought last summer)
Zara pants
Il Passo wedges
a bag bought from a small boutique that I absolutely adore
NeyYorker hat


  1. this is a really chic outfit combo !
    everything is just perfect !

  2. Even if it's casual, it's really chic !
    I love your bag !

  3. I love your style. This is one perfect look!



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