Friday, October 15, 2010

sorry for my lack of posts!!!

I'm so sorry for not posting any outfits this days but my Internet connection was horrible! I changed my operator so I hope I won't have any more problems.
I'm so happy that I reached a number of 100 subscribers. yeyyyyyyyy!!! thank you all!!!

I was wearing: Zara blazer and dress, NewYorker hat, vintage purse, bbup shoes.


  1. I love your satchel and socks!! Everyone is in need of a good jacket and you've already got one... I love your style sense and I definitely learn a lot!!

    from india, with love

  2. hi, this is fist time I visit you blog, I really like your style in Chictopia.
    I follow you here as well :))

  3. I love this look! So gorgeous! I'm now following your blog =) hopefully you can come visit me on mine some time!


  4. i love everything about this outfit! cool hat, great detail o your shoes and the thigh-highs make it sexy. Gorgeous!



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