Sunday, March 25, 2012


Summer is almost here and I couldn't be more excited about that. Last year I didn't enjoy this beautiful season as much as I wanted because my son was a new born and I barely left the house. Oh, yes, and I was fat too, at least that's how I saw myself, and I couldn't wear the clothes that I wanted. But this year it's a different story, my son is almost one year, I'm back in shape and ready to enjoy summer. 
I really hope I can make a trip to US this summer, but chances are slight. Anyway it doesn't cost anything to dream about it :)

[RO] Oh, Doamne, mai un pic si vara ii aici! Anu trecut nu am apucat sa ma bucur deloc de vara, Raian abia se nascuse si nu prea ieseam di casa. Pe langa asta, ma uitam in oglinda si mi se parea ca sunt imensa, asta mai mult, cred ca, din cauza laptariilor care erau de trei ori mai mari decat sunt acum. Nu puteam purta hainele care as fi vrut si asta ma demoraliza total. Dar de data asta lucrurile vor sta diferit, Raian are deja aproape un an, eu mi-am revenit la dimensiunile intiale, asa ca sunt gata sa ma bucur de vara.

Sper ca anul acesta sa reusesc sa vizitez SUA, dar sansele sunt destul de slabute. Oricum, nu ma costa nimic sa visez.


  1. Pozele astea m-au facut sa fiu si mai nerabdatoare cu venirea verii:x Sper sa ajungi in SUA sau oriunde iti doresti pentru ca intr-adevar meriti o vacanta adevarata ! :)

  2. Oh i cant wait for summer,the beach and getting away wearing skimpy clothes..hehehe..Hope u'll have great summer with ur family and ur baby..

  3. Yes us girls can always dream ... uhhh to have a butt like that!

  4. beautiful pictures, I just can't wait!
    xo Cara



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