Monday, December 23, 2013

Looking great for Fashion Fridays

jacket: HERE | sweater: thrifted | boots: Mono | bag: Mango | scarf: Zara

This weekend I attended Fashion Fridays fair, as a media partner, and this is the outfit that I wore. I wanted to be comfortable, because I was pretty sure I'll have to stand on my feet for a long time, so this babes that I'm wearing helped me a lot. Even though they have a quite high heel, they are super comfortable, and I can wear them all day long without feeling my feet tired. The fair turned out really great, and I'll get back to you with a more detailed post. I meed so many great, talented people, and I really hope I can show you some of their wonderful creations, here, on my blog.

Since Christmas is almost here, I made a collage for you, with some cute items that I would wear on Christmas Eve:
          1. HERE          2. HERE          3. HERE          4. HERE          
5. HERE          6. HERE          7. HERE          8. HERE
9. HERE          10. HERE          11. HERE


  1. What a great look! Loving that scarf and the jacket is fantastic :)


  2. Geniala esarfa :X :*

  3. Love your jacket and your scarf, so pretty! XO

  4. sarbatori fericite! te pup

  5. I love your boots, dear. They look so beautiful. They must feel wonderful to wear. I love to wear high over-the-knee boots casually. I hope to see you style your boots with more outfits in the future!


  6. I'm Love your Blog much :) <3 Great Looks .)
    Pink Glamour Bloggers
    Blogger PreLoader 0.1 Beta
    Hope do you will follow my Blog always :)
    with Love .
    Jack :)



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