Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hellow everyone!!!

I finally made a blog!!!
I want this to be first of all a fashion blog, because fashion is my big love. I'll show you the way I dress everyday (well not really), and I'll tell you the things I did during that day. My life is not that exciting so maybe I won't post everyday because sometimes I do nothing all day long.
I decided to post in english and romanian language. I'll make a short comment in english talking about my outfit and then, if I want to express my feelings I'll do it in romanian because it's easier for me this way.
Hope you guys will follow my blog!


  1. Killer heels! :)

  2. felicitari! ma bucur ca ai decis sa iti faci blog. imi pare rau ca nu am vazut cometariul tau si nu am putut sa te ajut la timp. mult succes!

  3. Deci de aici a pornit totul.... :) Cel mai mult imi place sa caut primele postari la fiecare blog pe care il urmaresc, sa vad cum au evoluat lucrurile... si cum au imbatranit fetele :P... bineinteles, nu tu... vorbesc despre altele :)))



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