Monday, June 28, 2010

cute bow

I love the bow attached to this t-shirt. I think is so cute and makes the item more interesting.
I wore this outfit last week when I had some stuff to do downtown. I think it could be a fun office outfit as long as your company’s policy permits you to wear a more casual outfit.
I’m sorry for posting so rarely but this weeks I’m so busy with my exams and some faculty projects. Two more weeks and then I’m done

I was wearing:
Zara pants
Bershka t-shirt
random sandals
Musette bag
a gold necklace


  1. I've been loving all those shirts with bows :)
    you look lovely and so elegant!


  2. very cute shirt, the bow is really cool! and let me tell you, I am so jealous of your garden, it looks amazing!

  3. Great outfit, love the pants and the muted colours! Very chic.

  4. you look great ! the bow is sweet,and the pants are beyond imagination :)

    I like the outfit ... big contrast between the stormy sky and your cute look!

    good luck with those exams!

  5. i love the pop of the purple shoes, and the pants are very cute.



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