Friday, June 11, 2010

hot day

I have nothing to say except is to hooooooooooot outside!!!!!!!! ...oh, and I got some great deals at Mango today (second day of sales)

I was wearing:
Zara shirt/dress

Mango shorts

Mango sunglasses

BBup shoes

H&M belt
Mango bag

the parrots name is Cheti, and she's my little white princess


  1. you have a great style! love your shoes <3

  2. i am jealous of 3 things..

    1. you having good weather there
    2. the mango sale you went to
    3. the great style and outfit you are rocking here!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  3. great outfit dear! I love your shoes and I saw you have some other amazing shoes from BBup. Do you think they have a store in Bucuresti too?
    I searched the net but I couldn't find them.

  4. ...oh, and that parrot is so cute! is it yours?

  5. serched for BBup too, bad luck:)) hope they come to bucharest8-> wow,loooove that parrot!!!! have 4 of my own, but small ones:))

  6. I like your blog! these shoes are amazing ... I guess you've purchased from a store in Bucharest ... and you tell us where is this new store? please...have a great day

  7. sorry...I thought you were in Bucharest, but I noticed you're in Timisoara...anyway your blog is nice:)



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