Sunday, September 5, 2010

Autumn outfit

This is my first autumn outfit! I don't like cold seasons at all, in fact I really hate them.
The only good think is that getting dressed is more fun. I love layering,
I love boots and booties and I love tights, and lately
I've been loving otk socks too, so I can't wait to wear those.
I'm so happy that finally I managed to find a hat like this because I wanted one since last winter. I'm a big fan of all kind of hats,
and I'm sure you already know that if you follow my blog.

This is an all day outfit but I wore it in the evening because I think that those shorts are a little too short for day time.
All the clothes were designed by me and tailored by a friend of mine.
Her name is Miri and she is an amazing, talented girl.
She's tailoring my clothes for 6 years now. That's a long time...

I was wearing: custom made top, jacket and shorts,
NewYorker hat and sunglasses, Red Lips booties, random bag.


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