Friday, September 10, 2010

"hey, Lady Gaga"

I wore this outfit yesterday and a lady on the street told me I look like Lady Gaga.
Of course I don't look like her, her style is so unique, I don't think anyone could copy her.
But I liked her remark and I took it as a compliment. It really brighten up my day.

I was wearing: boyfriend's T-shirt, Zara vest and bag, Bershka jeans, Red Lips shoes, New Yorker hat and sunglasses, thrifted belt


  1. yes, that is absolutely a compliment. :) i love lady gaga a lot! you both are very beautiful creatures of the world! anyway, i'm so loving your jeans!

  2. you look like a rock star!

  3. wow you're cool :) i like your style!

    im half-romanian just so you know hehe. my dad is from moldova noua :)

  4. I think this look is fantastic! you have a lot of style ;)



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