Friday, November 5, 2010


Yesterday I took a brake from the computer. I’m trying to reduce the time spent
on the Internet because I feel it’s taking to much of my spare time. I can say that the
“no PC and no Internet” day was a really great one. I went to see a movie
with my brother and I meet up with some friends. Two hours with my friends seemed like half a day but two hours on the Internet seem like half an hour (hope you know what I mean). So if from now on you won’t hear from me for a day or two you’ll know that
I’m spending a great time with family or friends.

I wore this outfit today, it was such a beautiful, hot day. I went with my fiance to a walk downtown and we had ice-cream.

I was wearing: random vest and bag, Zara shirt and pants, bbup shoes, melimelo necklace


  1. Looks pretty and comfortable in the same time:) Love the booties <3


  2. ooo ce idee buna.Daca ai gasit croitoreasa care poate sa faca ceva asemanator let me know!!! :)

    te salut! :*

  3. This outfit looks great, I like the color combination!

  4. I love everything about this look!Such a lovely autmn colors!Great!Take a look of my latest post!xoxo

  5. I simply love your outfit!!!

    P.S: Te invit sa participi la concursul de pe blogul meu unde poti castiga o rochie!

  6. I feel the same way.. but If I'm not with my PC, I feel something is missing.. LoL
    btw, Love your outfit.. :)

  7. Yes, taking a break from it all is wonderful. With so many electronics we have forgotten the important things.

  8. youve got some great style!! love those shoes.

    please check out my blog at,I'm going to follow you & id love if you could follow me too =)


  9. love love love the shoe and sock combo you look amazing cant help but always look at your blog :D

  10. love the neutrals here...

  11. very cute!love the colours and the whole outfit in general, great bag as well!

  12. great pics...
    I've just found your blog..

    take a look on my blog if you want



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