Thursday, May 6, 2010

The girl with the big hat!

I wore this outfit a couple of days ago, when I had a juice with my friends on a terrace. The fabric of the dress is so soft and it feels so good when is very hot outside.
Today I went shopping, but I didn’t get much because everything seemed so expensive. I think this financial crises made me realize the value of money, and it was about time for that to happened. I think a few time ago I was doing way to much shopping and some of the items bought I didn’t wear at all.

I was wearing:
Zara dress
Berska hat
MeliMelo flower accessory
Mango bag
Mallanee shoes
MeliMelo necklace


  1. great outfit love the fabric of dress

  2. this outfit is perfection! i just love that dress!

    do send me some love over at :)

  3. i found ur blog via chictopia !
    omg i just love it SOOOOO MUCH !
    im following :)

    hugs and kissess
    glisters and blisters

  4. such an awesome look!!! love the dress and ur hat!!! and gorgeous heels!!!

    xoxo jenna

  5. wow cute! love the hat and the shoes!!

    awesome blog im going to follow you!!
    follow mee too??


  6. you have a great blog, dear. I'll sure follow it.

  7. saw your outfit on chictopia! i love this and cool blog! Xo A



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