Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My experiment

Today the weather was great and I thought I'll do an experiment. I was thinking for a long time at this combination but I knew I'll never wear something like this out on the street. So I decided to wear this in my back yard while having a glass of juice with my boyfriend. It's the first time we did this, but we had a lot of fun. Of course I had to take some photos and shear this with you guys.

I was wearing:
a pair of jeans that I cut myself
vintage belt
topshop top
a necklace that my mom bought for me (it's made from bones)
BBup shoes
a pair of short socks


  1. oh my, you look so sexy! I love how those shoes look with the short socks and I love your shorts a lot! I think I'm gonna follow your blog because I really like your outfits!
    P.S. I live in Romania too

  2. Thank you dear! din ce oras esti?

  3. M-am nascut in Botosani dar stau in Bucuresti



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