Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm a

I had a very pleasant and quiet weekend! I spent most of it indoors with my fiance cooking, watching TV or doing absolutely nothing. Usually, during the weekend I visit my parents in my hometown but this one was reserved just for me and my BF. It was a little rainy, but when the sun shined it was pretty hot.

I wore this outfit to a meeting with some friends for a coffee and they really liked it.
The shorts are custom made and they are real leather. I know some of you don't like the idea about wearing real leather because of the pour animal who have to die for that. The way I see this is that it's a real bad thing to kill the animal only for their fur or leather, but then, if you kill the animal for their meet it's ok to take the leather too. What's your opinion? I would really love to hear it?

I was wearing:
custom made leather pants
Zara shirt
gold necklaces
random bag
custom made shoes
Mango sunglasses


  1. I am having a similar dilemma with leather. I love it, but I want to move to more "vegan" or faux alternatives. I can't justify killing an animal so that I can feel stylish.

  2. I love the leopard and nice shorts! The colors all blend so well together.

  3. Leather is really nice and I think that if we eat meet it's also ok use leather dress

  4. you look gorgeous, girl! Those shorts look amazing on you!

  5. eu am auzit niste chestii tare aiurea, cum ca animalele ar fi jupuite de vii ca sa fie blana mai stralucitoare sau asa ceva. Na, cu asta nu as putea sa fiu deacord.

  6. those are gorgeous leather shorts. pairs brilliantly with that leopard print top.



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