Thursday, August 18, 2011


my friend, Renata
RO: prietena mea, Renata

romper/salopeta: custom made/facuta pe comanda

look how big Raian looks now!
RO: uite ce mare s-a facut Raian!

dress/rochie: Koton
sunglasses/ochelari de soare: Mango
shoes/saboti: random

As I told you last time, one of my best friends visited me a week ago. We took some pictures while we were taking Raian to a walk and I thought I would share them with you. Usually I dress up really comfortable when I take my baby to a walk, no high heels, no accessories, no bag,
but this time I made an exception. I wanted to look like a modern, elegant mom in the photo album :)

RO: Asa cum vi-am mai spus si data trecuta, o foarte buna prietena m-a vizitat acu o saptamana. L-am luat pe Raian la o plimbare si ne-am hotarat sa facem si cateva poze. De obicei ma imbrac foarte comfortabil la plimbarile cu bebe mic, nu port tocuri, accesorii sau geanta,
dar de data asta am facut o exceptie. Vreau sa arat bine in albumul familiei, ca o mama moderna si eleganta :)


  1. Arati, intr-adevar, foarte bine si Raian chiar a crescut mare:x Cat are acum?

  2. Frumusete de baiat :P Si tu zambesti :)

  3. Oh you look so beautiful, and what a stylish new mom! Love the shot of you pushing the baby carriage...and love the lace detail on your dress!
    xo Cara

  4. You both look stunning in those nude colors!

  5. Amazing outfits. The nudes look so fresh :)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :) if my blog interests please feel free to follow me. I shall be happy to do the same for you!!

  6. Love your bag!



  7. You seriously both look gorgeous and I love the neutral tones you picked. The jumpsuit and your dress are both so fashionable. Love the baby pics too, the one with the carriage is so chic, like a celeb mom. hehe. NICE post, following you now
    Thanks for stopping by

  8. Hi, liked the blog.
    What do you think of following each other?
    kisses. even more.

  9. in general imi place Koton,au haine foarte frumoase rochita ta e super,imi place mult outfitul! da , baiatul s-a facut mare 1 numai bine,pup

  10. Amazing dress! :D !

  11. Great blog:)

  12. Hi, thanks, I'm following you ..
    Let's keep in touch ok?

  13. You two girls look amazing and the little one is too adorable for words! I love your dress, so feminine!:)

  14. It's good to see you smile again! I like how you & your BFF match. Great minds think alike!



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